Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

The Acupuncture Academy

We are delighted to work alongside the Acupuncture Academy which was founded by Julie Reynolds and Jen Winter, professional acupuncturists with years of teaching experience gained at the College of Traditional Acupuncture (the oldest acupuncture college in the UK).

They formed the Academy in response to CTA's impending closure, both from a desire to keep the tradition of classical acupuncture training going, as well as from a desire to 'do things differently' - to move acupuncture training into the 21st century by combining the best of ancient and modern teaching and learning strategies.

The Academy's ‘parent institution’, CTA, was opened in the 1960's by J R Worsley and over the next 50 years it taught the Five Element model that he developed and refined after extensive study abroad. Understanding this model, and relating it to the classical theories of yin and yang, and the organs and channels, is fundamental to a comprehensive understanding of health and disease in an individual, and summarises the approach that The Academy is taking.

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